DAMEN SHIPYARDS @ Seawork International 2015

Commercial Marine & Workboat Exhibition and Conference,

the Port of Southampton, UK

Indoor stand # A75

Outdoor stand # V33

16-18 June 2015

DAMEN SHIPYARDS @ Seawork International 2015

Commercial Marine & Workboat Exhibition and Conference,

the Port of Southampton, UK

Indoor stand # A75

Outdoor stand # V33

16-18 June 2015

Wherever there is water,
you find Damen

Damen is an international shipyard group but at its heart, there is still a family company. We operate in every niche market where we see an opportunity to improve, innovate or invest. In everything we develop, we always aim for what our customers need and what they wish for. That counts for our building activities as well as our services. We listen carefully to our customers and we invest a great deal in innovation, research and development. That’s why we’re simply able to build better boats.

You name it,
we build it

Damen is a true businessman who has made the sea his focus, creating a fleet of ships and small vessels that conquer the waves and deliver efficient operational comfort to a vast list of clients around the world.


Bringing our products to Seawork the best way we know – by water.

This year we will be exhibiting on our very own 536 m2 show room pontoon. A range of Damen’s built-for-stock products, including a Stan Tug, Multi Cat and Stan Patrol vessel, will be fastened to the deck of a custom built pontoon in the Netherlands. The pontoon will then be towed to Southampton, UK by Damen tugs, in time for the exhibition. The 41 x 13 metre Damen pontoon, which will be berthed alongside other vessels on show at Seawork, will display Damen built components, including anchors and chain, a submersible dredge pump, plus the innovative Damen Modular Barge and Ballast Water Treatment.

Damen UK Sales Manager, Casper Vermeulen, said: “In previous years, the vessels berthed on Seawork’s floating walkway have proven popular with visitors, and an excellent way for clients to get to know Damen products like Twin Axe Fast Crew Suppliers and Multi Cat workboats. On the pontoon, visitors will also be able to see the boats under the waterline” He added, “We can show a wider range than before, particularly our smaller vessels. And of course, we’ll also be standing on one of Damen’s own pontoon and barge models. It’s something new for us and we’re grateful to the Seawork organisers for accommodating this innovative approach.”

Explore how we load the pontoon Watch the video
Damen presents workboats portfolio @ Seawork International 2015

This year Damen will welcome its partners, customers and guests at Seawork International 2015, commercial marine and workboat exhibition and conference that will take place on 16-18 June in the Port of Southampton, UK.

Damen offers dedicated portfolio of workboats, including wide range of Damen Stan Tugs, Modular Multicats, Modular Barges, Damen Stan Patrols and Stan Pontoons.

Stan Tug 1004

Damen Stan Tug 1004 is designed to be strong, highly manoeuvrable and easily manageable for a one or two-man crew. The vessel is ideally suited for towing, pushing, mooring, line handling, passenger transport, surveying and pilotage. This small tug has emerged as small, compact and very powerful workboat with sleek, clean lines.

Product Sheet Download PDF file
Stan Patrol 1205

The Damen Stan Patrol 1205 is built in both aluminium and GRP and has been built to carry out patrol, surveillance, SAR and crew supply duties. With an overall length of 12.56 metres, a beam of 3.85 metres, and a draught of 0.80 metres, the aluminium, longitudinal framed, heavy duty hull design has a deep bow section. It also has a modern modular designed GRP superstructure which is vacuum injected.

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Multicat 1205

Damen Multi Cat 1205 is standard, multi-purpose workboat. This compact vessel can tackle an exceptionally wide range of tasks. The design includes an ergonomic wheelhouse providing 360 degrees visibility. All communication and navigation equipment is within direct reach of the operator. All of our Multi Cats can be delivered at short notice.

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Stan Pontoon 4113

The Damen Stan Pontoon 4113 has a maximum deadweight on 980 tonnes, 536 m² of deck space and a maximum deck load of 10 tonnes/m². It can be used as customisable platform for almost any maritime project. Like all Damen products, standardised Stan Pontoons are also designed to take a range of additional options.

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Modular Barge

The Damen Modular Barge (DMB) is the fundamental building block for your modular pontoon or vessel. The container-sized floating units, coupled by the class approved Damen Link, are transportable to remote areas and can be used at lakes, inland waterways and coastal waters. Consequently, many applications are possible.

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Modular Multi Cat 1205

The Damen Modular Multi Cat is specially designed for pushing, towing, craning and supplying. The Damen Modular Multi Cat is built up from container-sized units and is transportable to land-locked and remote areas.

Product Sheet Download PDF file

Damen Marine Components

Damen Marine Components is specialized in the design and production of propeller nozzles and rudders for many types of vessels. Every year some 800 nozzles are delivered with propeller diameters ranging from 500 mm to more than 7,000 mm. Each nozzle has the highest technical standards and can be delivered to comply with the regulations of all classification societies. Rudders can be chosen from the standard line but can still be offered and produced to fulfil any specific requirements.

BARKE® rudder

The BARKE® rudder ensures the ultimate in manoeuvring and course-keeping. Its highly sophisticated flap design also provides maximum operational comfort. The BARKE® rudder is the best solution for those looking to invest in both today and tomorrow.


Damen develops and supplies the best propeller nozzle types to optimize the capacity of every of vessel. We develop several propeller nozzle types in-house: Optima, Wing, and the VG40. Together with type 19A we have the optimal nozzles for every customer.

Anchor & Chain

Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (AKF) supplies anchor chain cables, anchors from stock and special mooring equipment. we have the capacity for fitting anchors and anchors chain cables in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp. AKF is LRS approved for welding and repair of anchors and anchor chain cables.

Damen LoFlo 60

Damen LoFlo, powered by BioSea, is designed as a solution for vessels requiring a lower capacity treatment system. Currently, most offerings commence with a capacity to process 100m3 per hour, leading to an unnecessarily high energy consumption and bigger footprint. LoFlo is available with either 30m3 or 60m3 capacity, significantly reducing footprint and energy usage.

DOP Submersible Dredge Pumps

Damen offers a complete range of heavy-duty and cost-effective submersible dredge pumps. A highly efficient, wear resistant dredge pump with a large spherical passage is at the heart of the DOP pump. The dredge pump has excellent suction properties and because of it’s submersed use it can reach extremely highmixture densities.



Damen Shipyard Group:
32 yards worldwide
The Netherlands: 15
Abroad: 17


Employees: 9,000 worldwide
The Netherlands: 3,000
International: 6,000

€ 2 billion
Annual Turnover

2 billion Euro

160 vessels

In 2014 we delivered
a record number of
160 vessels

Indoor stand # A75


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